History of the Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club


The Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club is rich in history.  The club began as the “Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Owners Club” back in 1954.  The leadership of the club changes every year, and the very first Commodore was Stanley Jursek.

The club has always been associated with the Grosse Pointe Farms Regatta, which has been an annual event at the Pier Park since about 1953.

Below is a list of the past club Commodores and other leaders.

Past Commodores

Year Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore
2021 Ric Schmidt Rich Smith Mary Ann Houmani
2020 Craig Baetz Jim Verbeke Rich Smith
2019 Ric Schmidt Craig Baetz Jim Verbeke
2018 Paul Toenjes Ric Schmidt Tom Campbell
2017 Glen Logal Paul Toenjes Ric Schmidt
2016 Rita Charvat Glen Logan Paul Toenjes
2015 Ron Mack Rita Charvat Glen Logan
2014 Scott Bade Ron Mack Charlotte Adamaszek
2013 Ken MacKenzie Scott Bade Ron Mack
2012 Cyndee Harrison Ken MacKenzie Mark Jasin
2011 Gene Carswell Cyndee Harrison Ken MacKenzie
2010 Peter Toenjes Gene Carswell Gregg Peabody
2009 Tanya Bartoszewicz Peter Toenjes Gene Carswell
2008 Steve Sicklesteel Tanya Bartoszewicz Peter Toenjes
2007 Chris Harrison Steve Sicklesteel Tanya Bartoszewicz
2006 Mike Proffitt Chris Harrison
2005 N/A
2004 Bill Restilly
2003 George Metropoulos
2002 Pete Ronan
2001 Frank Furest
2000 John Metropoulos
1999 Dr Peter Metropoulos
1998 Gordon Maitland
1997 Paul Donahue
1996 Milicent “Mike” Edmunds
1995 Sterling E. Graham John Suberati Milicent “Mike” Edmunds
1994 Matthew Rumora
1993 David W. Harris
1992 William W. Penoyar, Jr.
1991 James C. Farquhar
1990 Edward A. Smith, Jr.
1989 Herman (Sonny) Gorenflo
1988 Corinne Franks
1987 Gary Vasher
1986 Anthony Prohownik
1985 Ray Dresden
1984 Gary Dysert
1983 Dr Leonard Bartoszewicz
1982 James Kidd
1981 Calvin T. Magill
1980 Joseph Austerberry
1979 Ronald W. Hicks
1978 Richard F. Shannon
1977 George Toy
1976 Robert F. Maddox
1975 John W. Murphy
1974 Thomas H. Belcher
1973 A. Jack Boland
1972 Joseph Kikel
1971 Gerald Malooly
1970 N/A
1969 Joseph D. Crea
1968 Frank (Skip) Gmeiner
1967 N/A
1966 N/A
1965 Anthony Delsener
1964 Vincent Famularo
1963 Lloyd Jones
1962 Robert German
1961 Carl Lienemann
1960 N/A
1959 Joe Gasko
1958 Morrie DeBrander
1957 N/A
1956 Neil McEachin
1955 Charles Davis Harry Carson
1954 Stanley Jursek

Some of the earliest records related to the club can be found in the Grosse Pointe News archives.  Here are a few historical references:

Grosse Pointe News 1956 Boat Club Article

GPN 1956-08-23 - Regatta 1of2 GPN 1956-08-23 - Regatta 2of2

Ever notice the plaque that sits near the driveway and past the wagons.  Here is some history on it:

GPN 1958-07-17 - Furton Plaque Dedication

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