Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club Rules and Bylaws

Below is a summary of the club bylaws extracted from the Full Bylaws document.

GPFBC Bylaw Summary
Written 1/10/2010


  1. Members must be residents.
  2. Must have written signed membership form.
  3. Must have initiation fee with form.
  4. Member chairman must ask for approval of new members from the board.
  5. Rejected applications will refund fee.
  6. Members can be voted out by a majority vote at any meeting call for that purpose.
  7. Members can defend themselves.
  8. The board may elect an honorary member.
  9. Honorary members pay no fees or dues, need not be a resident, but has no voting privileges.
  10. The board may vote to keep a member active that move out of the Farms.
  11.  Non-res board determines the initiation fee.
  12. If membership dues are 60 late the board can vote if revoking membership if needed.


  1. Meetings can be held anywhere decided by the board.
  2. A November general meeting of officer elections must be held.
  3. A Minimum of 4 general meetings must be held.
  4. The majority of board members may call a special meeting.
  5. The Commodore and two other agreeing board members may call a special meeting.
  6. Only special meeting subject(s) shall be discussed.
  7. Meeting notices must be mailed 5 days before meeting.
  8. All board members must be notified of board meetings.


  1. 25 members must be present at general membership meetings to take a vote.
  2. Majority votes pass at general membership meetings.
  3. At board meetings, if at least half of the board members are present, they can pass a vote.

General Meeting Agenda

  1. General Meetings must go as follows:
    1. Call to order
    2. Read last meeting minutes.
    3. Commodore’s report.
    4. Secretary report.
    5. Treasurer report.
    6. Committee report.
    7. Other business.
    8. Election of officers (when applicable)
    9. Adjournment

The 5 Directors (Bridge)

  1. The board  must have 5 elected Directors
    1. Past Commodore
    2. Commodore
    3. Vice Commodore
    4. Rear Commodore
    5. Secretary
    6. Treasurer
    7. All Directors must be elected at the annual general meeting.
    8. The immediate past commodore can resign from the board if they think the current Commodore is qualified.


  1. The Commodore runs the meetings and make sure thing happen.

Vice Commodore

  1. The Vice Commodore helps the Commodore and takes his place if not there.

Rear Commodore

  1. The rear Commodore shall help the vice commodore and commodore and take their place if not there.


  1. Secretary takes notes and keeps records of meetings.
  2. Secretary notes what board members attend meetings.
  3. Secretary notifies members of meetings.


  1. Treasurer keeps all financial records.
  2. Treasurer receives all money.
  3. Treasurer pays all bills approved by the board.
  4. Treasure keeps records of all payments.
  5. Treasurer reports finances at all General meetings.
  6. Treasurer submits written report of finances at annual meeting.


  1. The bridge and board can fill any vacancies by majority vote.
  2. The filled vacancy shall finish out the term.

Board Authority

  1. The Board can start or stop any committee or chairperson by majority vote.
  2. If any board member missing two meeting in a row will be fired unless they have a good excuse.

Electing a new Bridge and Board

  1. All board members shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting.
  2. The Commodore shall elect judges for this election.
  3. 60 days prior to the annual meeting the commodore shall appoint a nomination committee of 5 members.
  4. 2 members max. can be board members.
  5. The committee shall choose a new board and bridge.
  6. The Committee shall present the new bridge and board to the present bridge and board and secretary.
  7. The Secretary shall post the nominees 30 days before the annual meeting.
  8. Nominees can also be made from the audience the day of the meeting.
  9. This nominee must agree to his name being nominated.
  10. If not present the nominee must give permission in writing.

Term Limits

  1. No member can serve more than three terms in the same office.
  2.  A term is between 6 and 12 months.
  3. The new bridge and board term starts January 1st.

By laws

  1. Amended bylaws shall be approved by 2/3 of the people at the annual meeting.
  2. Amended bylaws shall be approved by a majority the people at a special meeting.

Club Classification

  1. The GPFBC is a non-profit organization.
  2. The board shall appoint a Resident Agent to file the MI annual Report – Non-Profit Corporation.
  3. If the Club is dissolved, all assets will be given to the city.
  4. The Articles of Incorporation can be changed by 2/3 vote at the annual meeting.
  5. The Articles of Incorporation can be changed by a majority at a special meeting.

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