Commodore’s Corner–Summer 2012

This club and its activities and events have meant a great deal to our family over the years. We moved to town on June 17th, 2009 and one of the very first things that we did was attend Regatta … I couldn’t have possibly predicted how special that yearly event would become to our little family! It’s become my favorite day of every year, and I wound up as Commodore, in fact, simply because I wanted to plan last year’s Regatta! And now, as my time in this role draws to a close, I am grateful to the supportive individuals who have made this experience extremely rewarding.

The job of Commodore is traditionally something of a wind-down which follows two busier years. First, a person serves in the role of Rear Commodore, who facilitates social and membership events, and then Vice Commodore who serves as a liaison to the city and oversees events such as Regatta and Winterfest.

Traditionally, it is the final job of the outgoing Commodore to help build the Bridge and Board for the next year term. And so it is in that effort that I’d like to reach out to you and invite you to consider becoming a member of the Bridge and Board for 2013.

In order to more fully explain the commitment involved, we are including brief job descriptions in this edition of the Dock Box. We are also planning an informational session in the form of an informal cocktail evening on August 23rd. This will just be a fun night where current and former members of our leadership team can interface with folks who might be interested in raising their level of commitment. There are always plenty of ways to get involved including positions on the Bridge and Board or Sailing Race Committee.

Fact is, none of the work involved in leadership for GPFBC is difficult stuff. Ours is a pretty simple organization, primarily focused on the mission of just enhancing the Pier Park and other recreational activities of our city. It’s not complex, critical, or charitable work, and we are certainly a fairly loose group. Still, leadership of any organization presents certain levels of responsibility and accountability. Here are some considerations for next year’s leaders:

•    Responsibility to our membership: This year’s Board made the right call when they voted to always abide by gaming laws which regulate raffles and other fundraising incentives. Over the course of the year, there are certain things that we do as a club which are regulated by state and federal laws. Instead of focusing on the highly unlikely nature “getting caught” or resting in the comfort of having “always done it that way”, we must abide by these various rules and regulations to the highest degree. Failing to do so puts everyone at unnecessary risk. As we shepherd GPFBC into it’s second fifty years, it is essential that we continue to hold ourselves to the letter of the law.

•    Making decisions as a group: As I’ve mentioned, none of the matters facing GPFBC involve life-and-death decisions. Still, it’s important that members of our Bridge and Board be able to work with other people to make and move forward from the decisions that we make together, even when they themselves are indecisive or feel differently than the majority.

•    Being good stewards of our resources: Thanks to years of successful Regattas and an ever-growing membership, we now regularly maintain a treasury that exceeds $10,000. Your 2012 Board has appointed a fiduciary committee who will help shape a simple budget and some financial goals for our organization. I’m proud of their decision to take a more purposeful approach to our monies.

•    Having fun: Most of the members of our Bridge and Board are heavily involved in our community and have other commitments including families and jobs. No one wants or needs to attend long or stressful meetings during their off time. Therefore, we work to keep Board meetings short, efficient, and FUN!

Being a member of the Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club is an easy and inexpensive way to really enhance the recreational experience that’s a part of living in Grosse Pointe Farms. Being a leader of GPFBC is a wonderful way to give back, ensuring that our neighbors and friends will enjoy the same benefits that make this a such a fantastic organization!

Please join us on Thursday August 23rd at 7pm as we gather at the Gazebo and watch the sailing races together while learning and sharing more about leadership opportunities!  If you have questions, please call me directly at 313-720-7808.

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